Think outside the Vessel

Summer course lead by EszterImre


“EszterImre is a Hungarian designer and ceramic artist based in Sweden and Spain, living and working all over Europe.
Already well known for her design brand imreszti, she works somewhere between the borderlands of art, crafts and design.
On one hand she designs one-of-a-kind pieces that favor her most beloved material, porcelain, and explores its natural aesthetic possibilities. On the other hand she is offering her wide and in-depth knowledge within her fields in various contexts to move this world forward. Using her multi-disciplined background, Imre creates objects out of love for the material, their functionality, and the experience of their unique use rather than for shapes alone. The results are designs that visually describe functions with elegance and simplicity.”


Having experience from both individual studio artist practice as well as large manufacture companies like Herend, Lladro, KahlaPorzellan, Haviland (both as a designer and a factory worker) in the porcelain industry Eszter has a unique overview on the production process inside out from idea to final product.

With this knowledge she every day challenges herself to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to design and creation of porcelain objects. She encourages her field to ‘Think outside the vessel’ so to speak.



Course description

This summer course is set to be an outstanding learning experience in a group workshop where the participants can bring their own concepts to life with the assistance and guidance of a young but highly skilled and knowledgeable artist&designer in the scene of ceramics, even more precisely porcelain. 

Within the course Eszter will introduce the participants to both the technical secrets and the underlying conceptual thinking of her practice. 


Porcelain is often thought of as a common material for creating vessels or every day functional objects like table ware and decorative objects such as vases. But the possibilities of this sensitive, yet durable material are endless. This workshop gives an opportunity for exploration of the material and its unique production technique: mould making and slip casting from an outside of the box, “outside of the vessel” perspective.



The aim is to carry out a project from idea to final object and throughout the process the details of this creative work will be explained and guided to give the most insight.


Within the given schedule and frame for work the participants shall gain knowledge to pursue a technically complex and chellenging project within mould making and porcelain slip casting. 


Key words: Challenge, Think outside the box, Give it a Twist, Play on Positive-Negative shapes and spaces



Introduction (talk about the course, examples and inspiration)

Idea (participants show their prepared idea of their project they intend to carry out during the workshop)

Preparation (individually talk through the idea and see what needs to be done to start the actual work)

Making the Original (creation of the original shape)

Making the mould (creation of the production tools: the moulds, tricks and tips to improve moulding skills)

Casting the Piece (using the moulds and learn casting tricks)

Glazing (optinal possibility to glaze the object, but think simple as we set a single direct high firing kiln)

Firing the Piece (use a one step fire to have fired glazed prototype)

Showing the Pieces (think of the presentation of the work, learn tricks for exhibiting the objects)



Solid basic knowledge in ceramics and a bit of experience in mould making and slip casting.

(You are expected to be able to individually mix plaster and create your own simple moulds of general shapes, it is not a course on mould making for beginers. Also, basic knowledge in porcelain as slip casting, having had at least one project carried out by casting from mould making to finished high fired glazed objects.)


Outcome and results

The workshop’s intense schedule is prepared in a way that all participants should be able to leave with fired porcelain objects of their projects. 

How ever the most important part in the course is the process itself, with special attention to the perfect production tool making and learning about complex moulds, and experimental slip casting, problem solving and playful creativity within the making. 


The workshop would focus on the tools of creation and playing with the positive and negative spaces and shapes. Therefore the main focus is on the creation of the tools, the moulds, and of course there is the hope and possibility to finish the moulds to be able to cast but the moulds themselves can also be the final object to be exhibited in the end of the workshop.


In the end of this course the group shall have a small ‘vernissage’, a one day exhibtionion event in the school of manises to summarise their work and have a small event to close the workshop.


Additional experience

During the week beside the scheduled work there will be activities arranged for the participants to get to know Valencia from the eye of a ceramic artist.

We will visits local ceramic studios, and arrange tours in the ceramic museums of Valencia and Manises.


Of course it is not all about ceramics, Valencia offers a wide range of cultural entertainment as well as many opportunities for Mediterranean leisures. There will be time and place to enjoy it all, together with the group as well as exploring on your own.





2 weeks before the workshop the participants recive some guidelines about the workshop content and expected preparations in order to have the most efficient time during the main workshop time. 

(In order to be able to proceed fast with the practical work, all participants shall already have their project idea ready and it is even recommended to possibly arrive with an original shape they desire to produce in porcelain, may it be a ready to use plaster original or any other material. Please note: the shrinkage rate of porcelain is between 12-15% from the original shape to the final fired object.)


Good to know

The workshop will be held in English with the help of an amateur translator to Spanish.



max 12 +1 (1 being the student who gets free pass for translation)



Price of Workshop Full experience 155€ 

Including workshop fee <40h of studio work>, personal tutoring, small final exhibition in Manises, visits to ceramic studios and museums, group activities.

Excluding material and firing costs, catering or housing


Price of Workshop 125€ 

Including workshop fee <40h of studio work>, personal tutoring, small final exhibition in Manises

Excluding material and firing costs, catering or housing.


To participate 
• To participate, the amount of € 125 (workshop) or € 155 (full experience) will be paid for: reservation of space, materials, firing costs and civil liability insurance 
• Number of participants: Maximum 12The account number for make the payment is: IBAN: ES0801829544000201531741 
• Indicate: Name and surname of the participant, Concept: THINK OUTSIDE THE VESSEL 
• The receipt of the deposit will be sent to the e-mail: 
• The reservation of the place will be subject to the order of registration fee